Why Is Fire Suppression System Preventive Maintenance Such A Big Deal?

Why Is Fire Suppression System Preventive Maintenance Such A Big Deal?

Commercial fire systems comprising several devices, from sprinklers to backflow preventers and extinguishers, help keep employees and customers safe. When people see that your business has these tools on display, they get a sense of security and safety – even when there is no immediate danger or fire.

Preventive maintenance inspections by experienced professionals like Cavemen Security, serving Roseburg, OR, ensure that you remain up-to-date on this front. After all, safe employees and customers will be happy, which will lead to business success.

What Are Preventative Inspections?

You might be an expert with all the ins and outs of commercial facilities. However, there are still many factors to consider regarding fire prevention. The type(s) of fire protection systems you have, dictate how often preventative maintenance needs to occur. From annual inspections for small businesses to more frequent ones at high-risk facilities, al must be carried out diligently to keep the infrastructure and people safe.

All fire hazards should be monitored closely as they can cause a fire even due to minor negligence. The key is to keep up with regular checkups so any problems can get fixed before a disaster occurs!

Why Is It Important?

Fire prevention is a top priority for all building owners and managers. Taking care of your buildings’ occupants should be at the heart of your operations. Since fires can be unpredictable, regular inspections show what actions are needed to prevent such accidents. Lives are saved time and again with small, seemingly insignificant measures.

Fire systems have become much more advanced than they were a decade ago. However, without maintenance, this elaborate equipment could fail at any time.

Types of Inspections

Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Fire sprinklers are commonly used for fire suppression. The fire safety codes adopted in these inspections require following the NFPA 25 Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems.

Backflow Preventer Inspections and Testing

These inspections are carried out to ensure your facilities’ drinking water is safe for consumption. All sprinkler systems are thoroughly monitored and “audited.” They are carried out at least once a year.

Non-Water-Based Fire Suppression Inspections

Non-water-based fire suppression systems, like clean agent systems, can also be effective in controlling small fires. Clean agent systems use a gaseous fire suppression agent, such as Halon, to extinguish the fire. These systems are typically installed in computer rooms and other areas where sensitive electronics are present.

Furthermore, there are fire alarm inspections, kitchen hood fire suppression system inspections, and fire extinguisher inspections. If you bring your A-game for all these inspections, not only will you pass them, but you will become more able to run your commercial operations.

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