What Is Perimeter Security & Why Does Your Establishment Need It?

What Is Perimeter Security & Why Does Your Establishment Need It?

A perimeter is a boundary that encompasses a residential or commercial establishment. In old times, stone walls & physical armed guards formed an effective perimeter security, but now we have a myriad of perimeter securing measures. A wall, a fence, a dominating hedge, or wrought iron gates are among popular contemporary methods to prevent trespassing.

The more valuable your establishment or social status is, the more robust & complex the perimeter security becomes. Electronic & digital surveillance systems took a front seat with progress in technologies as perimeter security was put behind, a mistake people realized later on. Undoubtedly, residential & commercial property owners did benefit much from the internal home & commercial alarm systems with the digital video feed & intruder detection. Still, there are a few critical flaws in the system.

The Flaws in Intruder Alarm Systems

  1. Intruder alarms systems are installed as sensors at strategic points like windows, doors, cupboards, vaults, & corridors. This indicates the intruder would already have compromised your premise’s defenses before detection. This puts people at risk.
  2. An intruder can surveil the targeted property up close from the outside and develop a break-in plan without detection.
  3. An intruder can easily compromise basic internal premises security systems from the outside by cutting off power.
  4. Internal security systems only secure the interior. Hence there is no proximity alert on the approach of an intruder until the event occurs.
  5. Organized trespassers can easily breach intruder alarm systems and be out in a couple of minutes with the required materials even if the alarm is triggered.

What Is Entailed in Perimeter Security?

In an intruder alarm system, you count on your home’s walls as the first line of defense when they should be your final defense. Even if you have a high fence around your property, you need it to be rigged with alarms and motion detectors to protect your perimeter.

Perimeter security calls for an assemblage of motion, light, & vibration detection sensors, IP cameras, motorized gates, remote access, real-time intruder alerts, & smart surveillance to be installed at strategic points on your property with the first detection defense at your property’s perimeter.

Merging multiple forms of intrusion detection technologies & coordinating them to form an efficient line of defense is Caveman Security’s forte.

Perimeter Security Is Your Property’s True Protection

The most effective form of security should fulfill the needs of the customer and the situation presented. A perimeter security system will differ drastically from an office workspace & residences to that of large-scale data center premises. Still, all will actively merge several suitable security technologies to keep you and your assets secured.

Efficient perimeter security acts as an effective deterrent and significantly reduces intruder attacks with a forewarned response time. If operational security is deployed at the perimeter, property owners or corporate security can get a head’s up on gearing for an intruder event, which nearly eliminates the prospect of any threat, theft, or damage to the hosts.

Caveman Security not only deals in security devices or trivial home intruder alarm systems, as you might have presumed. We develop high-tech robust residential & commercial security designs as requested by our esteemed clientele. If you have a mind to upgrade your perimeter security, you will do well to upgrade your gates as well.

You are welcome to schedule a free estimation on the magnitude of security solutions or services required at your property in Rogue River, OR.