Today On ‘5 Reasons Why’: Upgrading Business Security From Guards To Automation

Today On ‘5 Reasons Why’: Upgrading Business Security From Guards To Automation

Businesses that only have human guards still aren’t fully protected. A guard can stop a burglary in progress but might be utterly useless in the case of a cyber-attack. Attacks can compromise four areas: company data, client information, industry secrets, and brand integrity. Business owners who think that an operating system and WIFI passwords, NDAs, and scan cards are sufficient cyber security, should know that they are obsolete in the face of modern cocktails of hacking methods.

Believe us when we say that even your recently deleted browser history is recoverable through a simple hack. Type ‘ipconfig /displaydns’ in your command prompt on a Windows OS, and there you have it. With that command, a compromised Wi-Fi network, remote desktop access, and a planted keylogger for backup, you can say goodbye to your data security. Okay, we’ve stretched it too far, but you get the idea!

So, there are serious reasons why your business should have upgraded to automated security back in the 2010s. Still, the technology is available now in far more modernity and efficacy, and we will tell you why you should upgrade.

1. Auto-Security means dual verification systems:

When you log into a secure company desktop, or ERP, notifications go to the IT department and security, the system is designed to send a prompt to your dedicated cellular device for verification that you are, in fact, on the premises, with your device. You can confirm you are accessing the said desktop. Some systems even employ data administration privileges, so stratified employees cannot duplicate records without authorization or view them without clearance. These are simple and effective measures that can trigger alarms across the system if desktop access is not dual verified.

2. Automated alerts get sent to the company and police security:

If any scan or access checkpoint is accessed multiple times without success, the system can easily lock the user out and send a prompt to the business’s IT team. Even if your business is a small affair, we don’t discriminate and would be happy to custom-develop a system’s lockout to stop hackers from accessing sensitive files. Even without the budget for an alerting system, mere applications like MS Access and Excel are manageable for password-protected spreadsheets.

3. Sensors & Triggers pick up oddities and log them:

Thermal cameras, IR sensors, and Sound detection systems are delightful at deterring cat burglars. Adapt this intelligent home security to your business and have fun watching potential intruders stumble in the dark! Even program event logging and prompts to local police authorities, and you have secure business premises, plus bloopers footage for favorable publicity.

4. Biometrics, Code & Encryption are an impossible combo to break:

It’s a known fact that no two human fingerprints are identical, so you have that ‘unique’ going for you. While one can tape off a print from a targeted CEO’s champagne flute and then even guess the password (their mother’s maiden name!), the company data files they may steal from a desktop might be pure hieroglyphs without the encryption key. This is something the movies do get right! For added humor, invest in secure data backup systems and encrypt the hard drives to a dedicated operating system on each desktop. If a drive gets stolen, it’s futile to decrypt it without THAT specific desktop computer’s password! You can’t even format that drive!

5. Culprits get caged, inside and out:

If you’re invested enough in your company’s cyber security, you can set up antivirus and a firewall to keep unsavory cyber intruders out. There was an age when you could trace hackers by their IP address and report them, but it’s impossible to track them now with virtual private networks on the loose. Better to keep them out! For physical burglaries, just hook up the building sensors to automated security grilles, and it’s the catch of the night!

Please, upgrade your cyber security! You can hire a dedicated IT Security team or utilize the loyalty of computer-savvy employees to protect your businesses. There are tailored solutions for all companies at Caveman Security. If you are a business operating in Rosberg, OR, and you suspect malicious activity, now is the time to get in touch with us for a free quote, and we shall bring you on par with the most suitable business security systems!