Some Myths To Address Before Installing Smart Home Security.

Some Myths To Address Before Installing Smart Home Security.

Smart home security is a blessing in disguise for all folks with a contemporary taste for the security of their personal effects. Even though the pandemic has put a damper on crime rates and thefts, the rate of smart home security interests has also sprung up. However, the biggest issue regarding homeowners’ vulnerability to burglaries is the misinformation & myths on security systems.

If you have already seen ‘The Bling Ring’ and think all that is what’s supposed to happen to Beverly’s folks, you are either naive or faulted. If you feel you’re not that fabulous enough to warrant a break-in in your Phoenix, AZ home, you have no idea how thieves target their marks.

Caveman Security presents you with some myths that we dispelled for our clients.

Myth 1: I Don’t Need Smart Security in A Luxury Neighborhood!

Many people assume that living in a high-profile & luxurious neighborhood will keep them safe since the neighborhood association guards the housing complex.

One needs to understand that thieves target people for the value of the contents of their homes. Living in a high-end neighborhood without smart security is open season to criminal activity.

Myth 2: Thieves Only Come Out At Night

Many people are at the office or conducting grocery runs and various other daylight tasks, meaning their homes are vacant for the day. That makes for an ideal window of opportunity for a nice bit of pondering for criminals.

Thieves look for behavioral patterns and daily habits of an intended mark. If your routine is too predictable and you happen not to have any security signs on your turf, no cameras, no alarms, then you are an easy target for them.

Myth 3: Homes Only Get Burglarized Once

Do you know that around 33% of burglaries in the USA are repeated incidents? The thieves keep scouting the victim’s property to ensure they have replaced their stolen property with newer valuable items, and then they break in again.

Myth 4: My Guard Dogs Are Enough

While a dog is reported to be a man’s best friend, it can be plied with treats or be subject to physical harm by less-than-human criminals. In some cases, the dogs themselves get kidnapped or harmed.

Myth 5: Human Criminals Are the Real Threats

While we don’t disregard the threat of human criminals to our hard-earned properties & possessions, the danger also lies in acts of God. Storms, floods, earthquakes, and fires damage property far more than burglars can. If one opts for smart home security, options are available for installing smoke sensors, flood control systems, fire, and electrical hazard alarms. The inclusion of these solutions allows not only prevention of disasters but also help save lives.

Take a smart step towards smart home security systems and part with these myths. If you want the best for your family, pets, possessions, & property in Phoenix, OR, contact Caveman Security. We offer a variety of surveillance solutions to all threats, physical & digital, for the innovative homeowner. Get in touch with us for our services, and be sure to receive your free quotes!