Guard Services

It can sometimes be too late by the time first responders arrive at the scene of the crime. Commercial, residential, and industrial properties that are located in remote or busy areas are at especially high risk. A crime may easily be committed and perpetrators can escape by the time the authorities arrive. If the criminals are unable to escape, they can just as easily take hostages as their ticket to freedom. To prevent such a serious situation, as well as any loss or injury, you need to have some muscle on site.

If you own or manage a jewelry store, data center, art museum, bank, or any other place housing valuables, you need to have a well-trained and well-equipped security team to disarm any criminal threats. Even if you have a talent agency, having a few well-trained guards to deal with frenzied fans is a necessity.

Caveman Security can supply you with uniformed, armed, and fully-trained guards that can resolve any violent or dangerous situation within minutes to maintain safety and security within your premises. To guarantee your safety and that of our guards, we will set up further security measures and monitoring systems so any breach or criminal activity can be stopped immediately.