Fire Suppression

Fires can cause extensive damage to property and – in the worst case – can even lead to the loss of life, including family members, staff, or pets. Thus, a fire can result in severe emotional trauma or can cripple you financially.

The larger or longer burning the fire, the greater the damage will be. Thus, it is imperative to immediately identify and extinguish a fire as soon as it starts in order to safeguard life and property.

Caveman Security offers highly efficient fire suppression systems to detect, contain, extinguish, and in some cases prevent fires from breaking out and spreading. Our fire suppression systems have a wide variety of applications, so they can easily cater to your property’s unique needs and challenges.

Our fire suppression systems will detect early warning signs of fire (such as smoke or heat), and immediately alert you and the fire department; furthermore, the system will take necessary corrective action in order to extinguish the fire. This quick and effective response is designed to minimize damage to your property and – more importantly – safeguard the lives of your family, staff, and pets too!