Home Security Surveillance Scams: How To Avoid Being A Victim

Home Security Surveillance Scams: How To Avoid Being A Victim

Home security is a big concern for many Americans because crime rates are rising. And with more and more homes being equipped with security cameras and surveillance systems, scam artists are becoming easier to target unsuspecting homeowners. We want to feel safe in our homes, and we want to know that our families are protected from harm. Unfortunately, some criminals prey on this sense of safety by running scams involving home security systems and surveillance cameras. Caveman Security will discuss some of the most common home security scams and how you can avoid being a victim.

1. Installation of Fake Cameras

One common home surveillance scam is the installation of fake or “dummy” cameras. These bogus cameras are usually placed in visible locations, such as near the front door or in the backyard. The objective of these criminals is to make you believe that your home is being monitored when in fact, it is not. If you see a camera you do not recognize, contact your home security company to verify that it is a real camera and not a dummy one.

2. Offering a Deal that is Too Good to be True

Another scam involves criminals posing as salespeople for home security companies. These individuals will often go door-to-door, offering special deals on home security systems. They may also contribute to installing the system for a meager price. However, once they have installed the system, they will either not return to activate it or overcharge you for the activation fee. To avoid being scammed in this way, be sure to only deal with reputable home security companies that you are familiar with. If someone knocks on your door offering a deal on a home security system, be sure to ask for their ID and company information so that you can verify their legitimacy.

Tips to Avoid Home Security Surveillance Scam

So how can you avoid being scammed? Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t open your door to strangers. If someone comes knocking, make sure you know who they are before letting them in.
  • Beware of high-pressure sales tactics. Legitimate security companies won’t try to pressure you into signing up on the spot. Take your time to research any company before doing business with them.
  • Never give out personal information to someone you don’t know. It includes your name, address, phone number, social security number, and bank account information.

If you think you may have been a victim of a home security scam, contact your local law enforcement agency immediately. They can help you file a report and investigate the incident.

Ending Note

So, how can you protect yourself from becoming a victim of one of these scams? The best strategy is to be vigilant and proactive. Learn about the different home security systems and surveillance scams, and arm yourself with information. And if you’re ever in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact Caveman Security serving Medford, MA, for a free estimate.