Ensuring Physical Data Security For Your Data Servers

Ensuring Physical Data Security For Your Data Servers

Protecting your data servers from physical threats is becoming more important than ever. Security was not a major concern in the past because it seemed like hackers were only interested in digital information. However, this has changed drastically over the last decade. Data breaches occur regularly, and these attacks can be devastating for any business of any size or industry. If you want to protect your company’s most valuable asset – your data – then read on to learn how to secure your data servers physically.

Keep the Server Room Locked

The biggest concern with physical security is that someone may gain access and vandalize or steal the property. The first step in physically securing your data servers is to keep the server room locked. This way no unauthorized personnel will be able to gain access to the server room, thereby accessing or tampering with the equipment.

Give Access to Trustworthy People Only (After a Background Check)

One important step to take when securing your data servers is limiting access only to those who need it. Only give the necessary people physical access, and every other person should have no way of reaching out and touching any part of your organization’s data storage devices. With a background check on all employees who have access to the data servers, you eliminate a potentially lethal security threat.

Use Rack-Mounted Servers with a Lock

One way to physically secure your data servers is by using rack-mounted servers with a lock. To be more specific, you need either an EIA 19″ standard server cabinet that comes with a locking door and key or any other type of rack enclosure.

Limit Entry Points

To ensure your data servers are physically secure, limit entry points for people. This means that if many doors lead to your server room, then limit the number of doors to one only and install a security camera to keep watch on it. This way there is less chance for an intruder to get in unnoticed.

Have Security Guards On-Site 24/7

Have security guards present on-site at all times to prevent any unauthorized access. This doesn’t guarantee that a hacker won’t try and gain access by posing as an authorized staff member, but it significantly decreases the likelihood. It is also important they are trained in what signs indicate suspicious behavior in order to act quickly.

Ensure 24/7 Video Surveillance

Ensure your server room is under constant video surveillance. You can always opt for a standard IP camera that connects directly to the internet and provides streaming capabilities of live footage from anywhere in the world and recording features.

To protect your data servers from physical threats, you need a security system that can detect and respond to an attack. At Caveman Security in Talentwe provide free quotes for our premium security services such as guard servicessmart surveillance servicescommercial services, and more, so there is no risk and you know exactly what is needed to secure your valuable data.