Dope Details On Cannabis Security To Keep In The Know!

Dope Details On Cannabis Security To Keep In The Know!

As of 2021, 18 states have legalized cannabis as a recreational drug, while 36 states allow medicinal marijuana. Moreover, along with cannabis, Oregon also legalized psilocybin (the magic mushroom drug) for therapeutic use!

Cannabis is still an expanding industry, and for starters, many of these operations involve large amounts of physical cash since cannabis business transactions operate outside conventional banking channels. For now, we call them cannabis dispensaries, and they are targeted for theft and burglaries, with your average Joe raking $20k-50k in bills!

Cannabis security is the buzzword among security integrators who seek to scale & standardize protection for cannabis facilities. Since Cavemen Security has debuted our services in this niche, you must know what to secure in a dope business!

Remote Access VMS:

Your first concern is being somewhat aware and omnipresent with regards to the business premises. Oregon legislature requires video management systems with remote access with a resolution of at least 720p @ 10fps. It also requires footage retention going back 90days, backup power for recording up to an hour in a power outage, robust data storage capacity, and 20-45 cameras for a minor dispensary (with 100+ for more extensive facilities) covering all blind spots on all facilities. A lull or lack in the footage during the product transfer from the growth facility to dispensary could raise a red flag for auditors. Employee theft is a severe internal vulnerability, so a VMS ensures all operations remain compliant.

Physical Access Privileges:

Though Oregon is unclear on access control, cannabis regulation requires stringent tracking of all involved in the business. Hence, un-hackable electronic access control systems are a great way to scale employee activities with a trail that auditors can work with. All products, oils, extracts, and wastes should be accounted for and kept in dedicated, secured vaults with privileged access with identity protection for authorized personnel.

Breach Detection:

As mentioned above, dispensaries house hard cash, making them prone to burglaries. Cannabis security integrators know to install auto-detection systems and run tests for redundancies before deploying. We must install at least two panic buttons on premises in case of a holdup and operational carry-on panic buttons to immediately alert the authorities. The cash itself should be accounted for and held in impenetrable safes.


All businesses keep digital records now, and as long as the data bank is connected to the internet, information can be breached. True, cannabis cultivators deal in physical assets, but their medicinal clients and information require confidentiality. Firewalled intranets, secure CRM platforms, and some IT common sense are all that are needed to protect your databases from a brute-force attack. Cannabis security also focuses on phishing and scamming to guard against online predators.

That covers it for now, but technologies will upgrade exponentially with the ever-developing cannabis security trends for large-footprint facilities. At Caveman Security, we take cannabis security seriously. If you are an established cannabis cultivator with security issues or intend to debut into the business in Ashland, OR, don’t hesitate to contact us for our free estimates on having an interactive, exclusive, and intelligent security system installed for your growing, processing, and dispensing facilities.

There’s nothing better than enjoying the highs of dope security!