About Us

Caveman License

Caveman Security is a locally-owned security company that pairs cutting-edge technology and automation with the resilience of local experts to curate a wide range of reliable and proactive security solutions. Our firm is licensed, bonded, and insured, so we can continue to provide you with uninterrupted and state-of-the-art security services.

Founder and CEO Mario Guerra has built this company from the ground up to what it is today – a firm that not only focuses on providing matchless safety and security solutions at cost-effective rates for guaranteed satisfaction, but also one that is environmentally conscious and tries to give back to the community as much as possible.

Caveman License

Safety is rapidly becoming a significant concern for residential, commercial, and industrial clients across Oregon. Even if someone has not been the victim of an unfortunate crime, the crippling fear and stress are enough to affect their way of life.

This is where Caveman Security comes in! Our solutions are designed to offer optimum security so customers can retain their peace of mind.