8 Ways To Prevent A Break-In At Your Commercial Property

8 Ways To Prevent A Break-In At Your Commercial Property

Commercial properties are at constant risk of burglaries and break-ins due to the expensive merchandise and equipment present within the facility worth a substantial amount of money. Offices have computers, printers, and other costly equipment and machinery. Warehouses have hordes of things and are usually located on the outskirts. While retail stores and malls have storerooms for bulk storage of products, so businesses do not face downtime due to the unavailability of goods. At the same time, the presence of these items makes your commercial property the target of criminal threats.

Locking up your commercial facility after hours is not enough protection. You need to take some additional security measures. Consider the ways we have listed below to prevent break-ins at your commercial property.

Install an Alarm System

Get an alarm system installed in your commercial facility to detect, alert, and in some cases, prevent break-ins. Motion sensors and detectors can easily detect movements, attempts to pick the locks, broken windows/storefronts, and more. Any unauthorized activity identified on the premises can trigger an alarm causing the siren to go off and alerts beings sent to you and the authorities. The noise from the alarm can immediately cause the intruders to abandon their sinister schemes.

Install a CCTV Surveillance System

Strategically install CCTV and smart surveillance cameras and a 24/7 monitoring and surveillance post to detect any attempts at a break-in. The CCTV footage can be monitored by your security firm, remotely on any device by you, or on the monitors in your guard/surveillance room. Prompt identification of any break-in attempts can give you enough time to take necessary action to prevent further damage, theft, or worse.

Station Guards on the Premises

It might take first responders a while to reach your commercial property if you are located in a remote area, and if there are sufficient escape routes for intruders to flee from, then you need to have a more proactive approach to apprehend the criminals, prevent robberies and more. Hire well-trained and armed guards to monitor and protect your commercial facility 24/7.

Implement Access Control

Having access control locks inside your facility can help prevent or restrict the access of intruders. Only specific people will be granted access into the building (and even specific areas within the building), and the time they enter and exit will be recorded as they will have to use their access cards to enter. This will allow you to constantly monitor who has been accessing your facilities.

Keep the Area Well-Lit

Keeping the exterior of your commercial facility and the grounds well-lit can deter intruders and thieves from entering your property out of fear of being filmed or spotted. If there are no shadows for them to hide in, most are not stupid enough to attempt breaking in.

Put Up Security Signage

Installing a security system is not enough. You need to advertise that your property has CCTV surveillance, electric fences, alarms, or whatever else you have to deter potential intruders from attempting a break-in out of fear of being caught.

Secure Entry Points

Make it hard for would-be burglars to break in by fortifying your exits and scale the property to find any other vulnerable spots that can easily be breached. While this is not likely to stop seasoned criminals, it can prevent amateurs from gaining entry.

Remove Hiding Places

Apart from keeping your premises illuminated, keep your landscape well-maintained. Trim any overgrown hedges and bushes, cut down over-hanging branches, and remove any shrubbery that blocks your view of the perimeter and serves as a good hiding place for trespassers to hide till the staff leaves for the night.

Keeping your commercial property safe is not impossible. It just requires you to invest in efficient security services. So do not shy away from finding your ideal security partner. Caveman Security is the one-stop solution for the unique security needs of your commercial property in Oregon. Contact us to learn more about our services.