7 Vulnerabilities In Commercial Building Security Design

7 Vulnerabilities In Commercial Building Security Design

Many businesses nowadays are at high risk for a data breach, and the consequences can be costly. To protect your business against possible attacks, you must have a comprehensive security system in place. Many businesses don’t think about security until after being attacked, but it’s often too late by then.

At Caveman Security, we take a proactive approach to commercial security design. We work with you to identify any vulnerabilities in your system and create a plan to mitigate those risks.

If a security breach occurs at your business, you may be exposed to significant financial losses and jeopardize the security of any clients or employees who use your building for business. As a result, it’s critical to design a commercial security system with sound defense in mind. Criminals will exploit any flaws in your commercial structure. As a result, you can’t be too careful when designing your security system.

Common Vulnerability Areas

Below is a list of some common vulnerability areas in a commercial building’s physical security system:

 The Alarm System

Your alarm system is your first line of defense against criminals. Ensure that your alarm system is installed correctly and monitored 24/hours a day by a professional security company. If your alarm system is not designed correctly, criminals can easily bypass it. Make sure your alarm system is up to date and can’t be easily disabled. Consult with a professional security company to design a system tailored to your specific needs.

The Exterior Doors

All exterior doors should be made of solid, heavy-duty materials that are difficult to breakthrough. In addition, all doors should be equipped with deadbolts and other high-security locks.

The Interior Offices and Cubicles

Many commercial buildings have large open areas that are easy for criminals to access. It would be best to consider installing security cameras and motion detectors to secure these areas. In addition, you must lock all office doors at all times.

The Safe

Your safe should be bolted to the floor and hidden from view. In addition, the safe should be equipped with a high-security lock.

Doors & Windows

Most commercial buildings have many doors and windows, which can be a weak point for security. Ensure all doors and windows are locked during off hours. Also, consider adding additional security measures such as bars or grills.

Surveillance System

An adequately designed surveillance system is critical for any security system. Make sure your cameras are placed in strategic locations and are of high quality.

Building Access

Control who has access to your building with a secure access control system. It will help you track who is coming and going and deter unauthorized entry.

So, what can you do to protect your business against a data breach? You could start by installing a comprehensive security system. At Caveman Security, we take a proactive approach to commercial security design. We work with you to identify any vulnerabilities in your system and develop a plan to mitigate those risks. Contact us today in Phoenix, AZ, for more information about our security services or to schedule an appointment. We’ll help you put together a security plan that will keep your business safe.

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