4 Measures To Improve Security In Your Commercial Building

4 Measures To Improve Security In Your Commercial Building

A security breach in a commercial building can have devastating consequences. It could mean lost revenue, the cost of security upgrades, loss of life, and even lawsuits from customers who are adversely affected by the security lapse.

It’s easy to think that security is just about alarms, locks, and security guards, but it’s much more than that. Security encompasses many aspects of a building, from its physical design to security practices within an office space.

This blog post shares four critical measures you should take to improve the security in your commercial building.

1. Perform Security Threat Analysis

One of the most important security considerations for commercial buildings is security threat analysis, a comprehensive evaluation of the building’s security vulnerabilities. Security threats come in many forms, and some are more subtle than others. For example, an employee with malicious intent may make their way into a building through an unlocked back door or window.

The security threat analysis will determine the appropriate security systems and procedures for your building. This includes monitoring, intruder alarms, locks on windows and doors, etc. A professional security company like Caveman Security can perform security threat analysis for your commercial building in Grants Pass, OR.

2. Implement Digital Video Surveillance

The security industry has been using video surveillance for over 30 years now, as it is one of the most reliable ways to deter crime and monitor building activity. Digital surveillance technologies have taken off in commercial security with IP-based systems that offer several benefits when compared to older analog security camera systems, including:

  • They work with new and legacy equipment simultaneously as they are designed for compatibility across different technologies;
  • Transmit digital video over networks rather than costly coaxial cables or broadcast signals like analog security cameras;
  • Offer better security and image quality through increased resolution, dynamic range compression, and lower bit rates;
  • Provide greater security by allowing remote viewing of video footage.

3. Use Monitored Alarms

Monitored security alarm systems are a cost-effective way to keep your business safe and secure. Monitored alarm systems for commercial buildings are designed to be managed remotely, protecting your premises 24 hours a day. The alarms can be triggered based on motion detection, the opening of doors and windows, etc. The system alerts authorities and can even contact you directly via phone call or text message.

4. Don’t Forget to Secure the Parking Lot

Parking structures pose a significant security challenge because they are isolated from the main buildings. A security company can provide security both inside and outside the parking lot, including patrolling with security personnel. The security industry utilizes technological advances that include vehicle license plate recognition software to identify vehicles in a lot or those which enter a property where they are not authorized. 

Additionally, security systems can be installed at the parking lot barriers to provide better protection. Ample lighting in the parking lots is also essential for security purposes.

To secure your commercial building in Grants Pass, OR, you can contact Caveman Security. We provide comprehensive, reliable security solutions for commercial and residential clients.

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